Whole new application for truck drivers.

Job: Main Android developer, architect
Client: Ackee s. r. o.
Type: Android application
Year: 2018
Used technologies: Android, Kotlin

The project was created due to the idea to make easier work processes for truck drivers and dispatchers of HOPI company (one of the largest truck logistic supplier in center of Europe). The aim was to build whole new infrastructure (system) for truck drivers implemented by Android application and the dispatcher web system, where the trips are managed.

My role on this project was to build whole new Android application based on written technical specification and graphic design. For some time I was developing with 2 colleagues, but the main responsibility was mine. The application contains more than 80 screens and works fully offline (data is sent in the earliest opportunity to the server).

On the project were many feature updates, which I was gradually developing.

App Screenshots