Application of gaming principles in serious game for treatment support in diabetes mellitus I

Type: Diploma thesis
Year: 2017
Used technologies: Unity 3D, C#

The aim of this thesis is the application of game principles onto educational game MyDiabetic which are feasible to achieve higher adherence of players, mainly from the point of motivation for a long term playing and education about type I diabetes. In this thesis there are implemented game mechanisms which enable several principles as let a player to personalize with a game character (as a player’s friend), explanation of the game aims and the motivation of a player using tasks which provide a possibility to advance to new levels, leading to unlocking new objects. The game has been qualitatively tested with 7 children suffering from type I diabetes at the age of 5 to 15 over the period of one week. The results of testing indicated a significant increase in knowledge of participants about diabetes. The other outcome of the testing was an increase of willingness for long term playing.

App Screenshots