Who I am & what I do

Dušan Jenčík

Currently, I work as a Senior Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader. Before, I have been working as an Android and AR programmer and Analyst for Ackee after I have finished the Czech Technical University studies on Open Informatics of master field Artificial Intelligence. In Diploma thesis I was working on educational game for children with diabetes.
I have been programming for more than 13 years.
In 2016 I was a team leader of Android programmers in Slevomat.cz. A year before I was the main programmer on the development of the new streaming application Prima Play at Etnetera.
In the bachelor thesis I dealt with big data analysis in cooperation with an unnamed antivirus company. During the bachelor part of my studies I have developed a music player for Alza Media application and was working on a POS system for Android. Before I worked on the mobile application KOSeek, which facilitates access to the school information systems, but my true love was an education game called ABC for kids which helps children learn the alphabet. In 2012, before I began to study at university I worked for CMP department at CTU on computer vision projects.
At high school I focused on computer vision, web technologies and desktop applications in C#. I won several regional programming competitions and I fought in the national round.


A showcase of my works

Diploma thesis

Application of game principles onto educational game MyDiabetic which are feasible to achieve higher adherence of players, mainly from the point of motivation for a long term playing and education about type I diabetes.


What I'm good at

Mobile apps

I can create every application what you want.

Programming languages

Java, Kotlin, Python, C#, C/C++, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, XML, JSON, Bash, Scala, Assembler, ObjC, etc…

Team leader

Motivate the team to action, progress and results. Perception of team individuality.


Achieving goals, respect to deadlines, things in order.


Minimising risks and focus on the goal.

Complex solution

The ability to ensure the start of development, its progress and successful launch.


Czech Technical University (Ing.)

FEE – Open Informatics
Artificial Intelligence
Diploma thesis – Application of gaming principles in educational game for treatment support in diabetes mellitus I

Prague, CZ
2015 – 2017

Czech Technical University (Bc.)

FEE – Open Informatics
Informatics and computer science
Bachelor thesis – Categorization of users based on the history of downloaded web documents

Prague, CZ
2012 – 2015


  • Prague IT Education – Certificate for development in Java
  • Prague IT Education – Certificate for Android development
  • Microsoft Office – Certificate for MS Office 2003


Let's keep in touch

You can contact me in English or preferred Czech language.

Call me

+420 736 250 178

Business time

Mon – Fri:  9:00 – 17:00

My location

Prague, Czech Republic, CZ